14 Dec 2013

Swan Lake


1 Nov 2013


He/she rides on 
the swing alone

29 Oct 2013


I gave a rabbit a carrot
she gave me a bite 
and roared

I can't do this again
can't just can't

29 May 2011


Bathing in the golden rain
running in the still painting
pain eased, innocence and love seen


Wish you a peaceful weekend

17 May 2011

Lines on paper

Two Black and white illustrations for share

Shepherd, Ink on paper(2011)

An Entrance
An Entrance, Ink on paper(2011)

14 May 2011

8 Cats

8 cats
based on the pattern 'Socks', screen print and watercolor(2011)

'34 Little Animals without Tails'(2011)

34 little animals without tails
screen print and watercolor on paper, A2 size
based in the pattern 'Socks',(2011)

My recent project, inspired by the repetition in our daily life.

Which animal in this scene is your favorite?